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Our Story

February 21, 2019 I was attending a university student conference outside Santiago, Chile in the mountains without cell phone reception. Sitting on a rickety picnic table with a friend named Jason, an idea was sparked that has the potential to feed 100,000 kids that are currently on the waiting list.

One conversation at a picnic table is now a movement feeding kids around the world !

Our family’s long term commitment to feedONE

From the very first day of launching feedONE (2012 at Chi Alpha’s World Missions Summit 3 in Ft. Worth Texas), my family and I have been supporters of this movement to end childhood hunger. When our daughter turned five, she actually decided to give up presents and feed kids! Even though she was young, she raised $500! If she can do this, anyone can!

A simple idea

After my initial conversation with Jason, I went to my hotel and didn’t sleep because I was up dreaming, envisioning a one for one model where students could donate a textbook to feed a kid for a month. Rather than trying to get $5-10 back from the bookstore, what if students could transform a used textbook into making a difference around the world?

The trial run

When I got back to Springfield, I connected with Marcus, a junior at Missouri State University who was studying agriculture and business. We began to dream and pray together about how this might occur, and that May during finals week, we setup a simple table outside of the student union with a banner that displayed “Donate Books Feed Kids.”  Amazingly, after just four days and only four hours a day, we had over 500 books donated to the cause!

Marcus and I pictured with the very first student who donated a textbook!

The ‘Aha’ Moment

I’ll never forget the students giving handouts on campus and saying, “One used textbook can feed a kid for a month.” Again and again, I saw the “aha” moment on the faces of students and faculty as they realized they could make a difference with their old books.

The very first week a professor donated an entire shelf of books. A couple students from a sorority came by and said they would gather books from all their sisters and bring them back!

Just the beginning

I believe this is just the very beginning of something simple that can make a huge difference around the world. I’ve seen first hand in Haiti and El Salvador what feedONE is doing every day to feed kids and bring them education, community, and hope.

Will you join us in eradicating the waiting list? Today there are more than 100,000 kids waiting to gain access to hope. One textbook can transform a kid’s life.

Donate a textbook today.

“If you can’t feed a hundred, feed one.”

Mother Theresa

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